12 January 2021

No one doubts that esports is going to be massive, but we have yet to see this mainstream spectator sport take off in arenas.

Michael Williams, the founder of Glytch, thinks he has the key to esports LBE domination.

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Glytch has just announced that it has broken ground on its first venue in Los Angeles, slated to open in 2022. The LA arena is the first of many planned across North America.

These will be 50,000-70,000 sq. ft. venues seating thousands of esports spectators with dynamic staging. The arenas will be within a fully themed, immersive environment featuring other attractions which can be updated.

Current plans include state of the art VR simulators, escape rooms, drone racing and classic arcade attractions as well as upscale food and beverage options.

Glytch CEO and Founder, Michael Williams, was recently the owner of GameWorks and is a life-long video game developer. His co-founding partners are Kathryn Raphael, a former Apple Genius program manager, and Blizzard senior executive/Major League Gaming CTO, Pavel Murnikov.